Wednesday, December 6, 2017


I feel like the PSA's that are shown do have some effects on people as long as they're well produced. I also could see that people could very well blow off any PSA they see because it tries to tell them what to think, and many people don't care or don't want to look at things that may change their perspective on certain issues. I hope to accomplish a video that people won't blow off or ignore. My video should be good enough to spark interest and keep it throughout the video. The video is about beauty standards and how society throws different people to the side. Our audience should care about this issue because it's an issue that affects everyone, beauty standards are set to any gender at any age.

We are entering the olelo organization PSA contest. The first rule I can think of that is extremely important is copyright pieces are not allowed. I also think the time limit is important in a PSA because of the attention span of people. The third rule I think should be acknowledged are the deadlines, because I feel like a lot of students don't follow the deadlines but for a contest they're extremely strict. I feel like there's so many opportunities for digital media students all around because of technology's advancements in the recent years. Before, there was no way to expect a high level production from high schoolers, purely because of the lack of equipment and education. I think the schools benefit most from competitions like these. They get money for more equipment most of the time and contests motivate students to actually produce quality work.

Behind the scenes photo

Our actress (my sister)

My PSA evolved completely from our first cut. We changed our plotline, reshot an entire video, and the voiceover. It's much better than the rough cut because it has a solid plot and better visuals, it's way more realistic than the last one.  Production value was definitely better, we took more time and wanted to make it better. Our audience impact was definitely improved because of the direct relation to the audience impact. Our non literal creativity was a bit iffy in my opinion because we tried to show real problems in a real way, not metaphorically. It was worth it to reshoot everything because it gave me a better end result. I agree with most of the critique. The best compliment I received was probably that we had a way stronger message to our audience.

ALD 2.1 Assess the evolution of digital media as it affects and is affected by society.
ALD 2.2 Assess changes in technology and markets as it affects digital media designs.

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