Friday, October 6, 2017

Hiki No Video

The story topic my team and I chose is about Early College. We intend to communicate the benefits of early college courses in high schools and show how passionate people are about learning and teaching others so they succeed in life. We're focusing mainly on Mr. Carney, a teacher for the early college program that teaches at Kapaa and Waimea high. To make people care, we've centered the story around an eccentric, passionate teacher that really highlights the benefits of early college courses, and life in general. From watching this story, they'll learn about the benefits of being prepared and life lessons from Mr. Carney. 

The (DMCA) is the digital Millennium Copyright Act, this forms the legal framework for management in digital works. Copy right infringement is the use of works protected by law without permission. The legal consequences of using material without permission can range from a fee of 200$ to 150,000$ for each work infringed. You can get permission to use copyrighted materials by first determine if permission is needed, then identify the owner and the rights needed, then plan ahead for permission, contact the owner and negotiate whether payment is required, and lastly get your permission agreement in writing. Fair use is when there are copyrighted objects that you can use without permission. Some specific examples are when copyrighted items are used for criticism, teaching, or news reporting.

It is essential to gain permission to film on location because of the chance of a liability issue, you cannot film or take photos of people when they can expect privacy, they need to give consent. Video release forms are used for when you distribute your film or photos, saying that your subject is okay with you doing this. They're mandatory because you need to have the subjects permission to output any media involving them. 

Looking at my critique results, I am a little disappointed. I know my team could've done better with the time we had, but with the end of the quarter, the difficult timing, interview subject's timing, lack of BRoll, all the stress of whatever was happening, I understand why it wasn't the best it could be. A single area we could've improved upon was our BRoll. Our BRoll seemed  a bit trite, unoriginal, predictable, and in general kind of bland. I know in the future I won't make this mistake in the future. Our BRoll needed more creative shots and different things besides just the classroom.


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