Friday, August 11, 2017


Plan for Cinemagraph One 
This weekend I plan to film the footage I need to create a cinemagraph. I don't know for sure what I want to do for it, but a few ideas I have are:
1. When I'm at Polihale this weekend I could possibly set up a makeshift tripod on the beach and have my hair blow in the wind, I could use my friends to help me make sure the shot is alright and then get the beach in the background for a pretty scene. 
2. Another idea I have that I saw when doing my research, is the wheel of a skateboard spinning. I have many skateboards and this could be a potentially easy project for me. 
3. One idea that Mr. Sandrel mentioned is having sand run out of my hands in some kind of a close up. I'd have to make sure that my phone won't fall in the sand and probably use my friend's assistance too. 
4. Another idea I have seen is the reflection of water on a tree moving with everything else still, which I think is a really cool idea.

Cinemagraph One Reflection 
Finishing up my cinemagraph, I am pretty proud of my first real attempt. I did have some major setbacks near the end because of technical issues but I managed to recover. For example, yesterday at the end of class I had just finished my cinemagraph and it was perfect. I was so proud, and I put in a lot of effort. As I got ready to export, suddenly, my computer froze. Then photoshop crashed. Then all my work was lost. So that wasn't fun. But today I recovered by doing the whole thing over again and fine tuning it to be as perfect as I can. I did have a few lighting issues because in my video it got slightly darker but I tried my best to make it work. I also messed up filming because my horizon line isn't straight. After making it even better than it was yesterday, I went to export it as a gif and photoshop crashed again! Seeing the "photoshop crashed unexpectedly" error message felt like a slap to the face, so I did it all again.  My only real issue besides crashing, was the crop. I took a really slanted video and cropping it took ages since I had so many frames.

I also was supposed to finish my second cinemagraph today but I've fallen behind because I didn't get to film yesterday. My plan is to finish filming my second and third cinemagraphs today but I'm not completely sure what  I want to do for my third one.

Plan For Cinemagraph Two 
While finishing up my first (mostly successful) cinemagraph, I realized I needed to plan out my next two. Now I don't consider myself very creative, but I can use a few ideas that I had for my first one that I didn't use. For my second cinemagraph I was thinking of using a waterfall flowing. I would go to Hoopii falls since it's near my house. I could use someone jumping into it so they're still and the waterfall would be flowing. I actually just came up with this idea while writing this and I think it's pretty good. I'll be able to go after school one day and either set up my phone on a rock or some type of tripod because I learned how important having a stable video is. Not having a stable video makes the process very very difficult.

Cinemagraph Two Reflection 
This cinemagraph was probably the easiest for me to do because of how nicely the river flowed. I did end up going to Hoopii Falls with my friend Evan who kept me company while I filmed various angles of a waterfall. I didn't end up using the actual main waterfall but one of the smaller ones that came before it. I actually made two because it was so simple and I could't decide which one looks better, so I have Cinemagraph 2 and 2.5. This cinemagraph was actually pretty simple to make because I had a still and straight shot, I actually used my sun glasses as a tripod and they worked really well. 

Plan For Cinemagraph Three
For my third cinemagraph I'm not quite sure what I want to do yet, I know that I can probably come up with something after I'm done with my second one, but some other ideas I have are:

  1.  Using my other footage from Polihale and making the top of the wave continually curl
  2. Skipping a rock on water (I don't know how to skip rocks)
  3. Someone taking their hair down 
  4. My pig's nose moving 
  5. Some sort of timelaspse
Cinemagraph Three Reflection 
While going on a spontaneous trip to mini golf, I found my third cinemagraph. I had not planned it at all and it wasn't one of my ideas, but on hole 11 I saw the perfect idea for my third cinemagraph. I envisioned the water spraying down on the water and told my friend "Hold up, I need to take a video." Though he questioned me I still got it. The only real problem I had with this one was the cropping issue, I took the video totally off centered and it was really slanted and looked kinda bad, which is an issue I had with my first cinemagraph, but I fixed it pretty well. I actually really like this cinemagraph but I could've done it a few different ways, I saw that one way was just easier for me and still looked cool, so I saw that and used it. 

ALD 1.2
Assess how changes in digital technology affects the creation and manipulation of media content.
ALD 4.1
Evaluate diverse processes of forming and conveying a targeted message.


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